About Me

My name is Suraj Kumar Mohapatra and currently I'm the Team Lead at Muvi LLC. I'm bascially a back-end developer and have been developing Web apps for the last years, specifically in PHP. Started my career as Jr web developer in a small company in Mumbai, India and gradually moved on to roles as Sr web developer, Team Lead, Project Manager, Solution Architect and also tried my luck in building my own company.

In these years I have developed various websites, ecommerce sites, small and large web applications for domestic and international clients. I take pride in managing an awesome team of 8 to develop a SaaS based multi channel ecommerce application "Mucheco" where we had integrated more than 10 marketplace APIs (Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, Jet etc) and equal number of shipping company APIs. Currently too I have been entrusted to lead a fabulous team of twelve in building different features for a SaaS based OTT platform.

I love to tinker with new features of the languages/frameworks or build rapid prototypes to have an indepth understanding. When not coding I love to read thought provoking books, solve Sudoku or play Chess.

What can I do

I can build web applications using PHP, Laravel(>=5.5), Vue/Angular. I can even build Desktop applications (using PHP Desktop or Electron) and Hybrid applications (using vue/Angular and Nativescript). I can architect and build scalable applications on AWS. Though I am a strong individual contributor but I go along with a team easily and love to share my knowledge with the team.

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What I learned today

This is a blog where I write on any interesting things I come up while developing.